Period price is not the period of service competition.

Fatih Vinc Inc. Chairman Kenan Aydin, Turkey-platform rental companies in the market, said now that there should be not the size of the machinery in service to the fore they offer to customers was underlined it would be difficult, otherwise the survival of the firm.

The platform sector, which has been growing with a rising momentum in the last 5 years, has become an important sector with both the variety of products and the rental companies that are increasing their numbers. The slowdown in the construction of industrial buildings and public investments, which is an important factor in this growth, was affected by the fluctuations experienced in the money markets, as well as in many other sectors, as well as by the personnel platform. Kenan Aydın, the Chairman of the Board of Fatih Vinc Inc, one of the leading companies in the leasing company, drew a picture of the sector by transferring to our magazine how much of the negativity and how much of the negativity is due to fear.

Unusual panic prevailing in the sector

At this point in the platform sector in Turkey with falling customer expectations, indicating that the reality is completely different Aydin, he said that firms should come from panic situation. Pointing to the importance of the right investment decision, after-sales service and financial management, Aydın said:

“Turkey parking platform rental market came to 13 thousand machines. Machine usage capacity in the sector before the month of August was 90-95 percent. Within this volume, the Istanbul New Airport construction site constituted an important share in the collecting of around 2000 machines, and regressed to 200 units. Nevertheless, it is observed that the rate of use of renting park throughout the country is 70 percent. But there is a panic and confusion in our industry. This surprise is caused by currency fluctuations and the slowdown in the construction sector. When we look at a rapid decline in the housing area is observed. The employment rate of our sector in residential construction is around 2%. The dynamics of the platform sector are different and they work on hydroelectric power plants, chemical industry constructions and heavy industry constructions. Therefore, I think that this rapid decline in the housing sector will not affect our sector deeply.

Price focus doesn’t change anything

Specifically, since the year 2015, with the rapid increase in the machine population, the companies have found jobs to rent their machines easily. Aydın stated that it is not easy to reach the customers today and stated the following: la Pre-contracting currencies and interest rates were low, financing costs were cheap. Rental companies have increased their machinery numbers. The circulation rate of the machines operating in sufficient quantities was also high. Therefore, unconsciously machine park according to the current situation, which sometimes increases the rental rates at low prices and even the service bill did not cut.

In this period, rental companies did not need to do cost analysis. But today all the financial arguments have changed. Financing costs increased by 30%. Companies that try to keep the machine park occupancy rates high by renting cheaply, they lose 30% with the current figures in terms of turnover. This accelerates the decline. However, when a cost analysis is made and revenues and expenses are collected, we see that only rental companies that are price-oriented have completely disrupted the income and expense balances.

Tı When we look at the customer, it is more expensive to hire cheap equipment today. Sonrası Recently, the value of money has increased due to the changing financial statements. Time is more valuable where the value of money increases. Our customers are aware of this. Therefore, the services to be taken with cheap rented equipment are limited. Although the rental rate seems to be appropriate in the first place, the losses due to the lack of service caused an inefficient use. Considering that all jobs are registered, this leads to unforeseen losses.

We are spreading to serve the companies

The transfer price is not the service competition period. As Fatih Vinc Inc., we believe that the way to increase our market share is through service. We intervened to strengthen our infrastructure by interrupting our machinery investments from time to time. We have invested approximately 1 million TL in service, staff and programs. In today’s conditions, we prefer to be in the field to reach more customers and we are increasing our customer visits. We do not act according to the occupancy rates and look at service and operational profitability.

”We are looking at operational profitability by not calculating the occupancy rates and by making a service and turnover account“

Growth should be with the right machines. processes of certain projects in Turkey and no open-end jobs on construction sites. If there were more reasonable investments, the market might not have any difficulties. The companies that are growing by the job rather than their own system, are facing difficulties.

Platform is not a luxury

Stating that the importance of the sector should be understood well, Kenan Aydın stated that the 13 thousand platforms working in the market have the potential to increase to 40 thousand platforms and said:

Dı The use of the platform has become a sector and a need for luxury. While the machine density ratio is 90 percent in Marmara Region, this ratio has dropped to 70 percent. Our sector is gradually spreading in other regions and there are many ways to go. If 10 thousand companies know safe lifting equipment, 10 thousand companies do not know and at least 10 thousand companies are unaware of the platform. Currently we can say that around 30% s platform sector in Turkey.

In order to increase the sector’s growth and increase the use of the platform, we continue our activities as Platform Crane and Platformder. For example, we are going to public institutions to discuss. As of 2019, DMOdıknn had no platforms in the decision to return to the lease and we took this as a result of our negotiations. We also expressed the opinion that the occupational safety control of the construction sites and factories will be more healthy by the district municipal police. Again we go to universities and organize panels on work safety and working at height.

Industry is a whole

Our sector, which grows 20-25% every year, can grow around 3 percent in 2019 due to the shrinkage of machinery. Here, the importance of the second hand will be revealed. Of course, firms may have difficulty, but I don’t think anyone will get out of this job. As a result, this is a trade. The sector is a whole with its supplier, leasing and financial institution. I think that all the feet should behave in a collector-friendly manner. In order to prevent this integrity, companies should make their accounts correctly, determine the machine types and types correctly and increase their service oriented approach.

Kenan Aydın; Everybody stopped when we invested

Fatih Vinc Chairman of the Board Kenan Aydın:

Everybody stopped when we invested

Fatih Vinç, one of the leading companies in the personnel elevator sector, purchased 110 trucks from ELS Lift and 82 platforms from Acarlar Makine. During the 5-month period, Kenan Aydın, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fatih Vinç, who carried out this investment and delivered its products; exchange rates, economic hardship and reasons such as the election stopped everyone at a time when announced. Kenan Aydın stated that the demand for large boom diesel engines will increase in the coming period and we talked about the new machines and the course in the sector:

Could you tell us about your new investments?

Our new machine purchases for 5 months time our efforts have resulted in our country has stopped and everyone’s investments, we continued our investment in our sector and we have confidence in our work. We’ve done more than we should. Purchases with our domestic manufacturers scissor lift platforms by categorizing itself from ELS, the big boom and diesel engines have used since Haulotte.

What are the reasons for choosing ELS Lift for your cordless platform investment?

ELS Lift has a production experience of about 10 years. As a domestic manufacturer, the company expanded its production line and became more competitive as it increased its volume. They are able to send machines all over the world and compete with all brands. In February of this year, we received a large amount of 110 units in the following 20 investments. 30 pieces of 8m cordless scissor lift, 30 pieces of 10m cordless scissors, 40 pieces of 12m cordless scissor lift and 15 pieces of cordless scissor lifts preferred 15m.

Do you support domestic production?

As Platformder, which we both belong to Fatih Vinc, we are pleased with the growth of domestic producers and we look positively. machine park and the use of machinery in Turkey, does not move to a European standards. Very electronic and extreme precision machines can be appropriate in Turkey. I can say that the machines used in Europe and the world are more demanding in our market. We, the manufacturer of the machines they offer to the market in Turkey, we especially try to take. Since we provide rental services, we advise you to place machines with less energy and less energy. We especially want to support domestic production. We follow new machines which are new and unknown in the market and we offer a report to the companies when we try. In this report, we write about what needs to be done, deficiencies and desires.

What would you say about your new Haulotte investment from Acarlar Makine?

We bought 82 machines in total. Among these, 24 to 12 m diesel scissor, 10 18 m diesel scissor, 8 18 m diesel articulated, 5 16 m diesel articulated, 10 26 m diesel articulated, 2 to 41 m diesel articulated 15 meters cordless articulated and 12 meter battery powered articulated models. 50% of our new machines can be exchanged with the machines we have already rented.

Is the industry satisfied with Haulotte’s diesel performance?

Haulotte has been making significant investments especially in the last 5 years. A brand that is much more powerful and competitive than anywhere in the world. They are developing their own high security systems. In line with the requests of the leasing companies and customers, they made improvements to the machine more easily and made improvements. We are starting to see the models of the brand coming to market recently.

Will the demand for diesel machines increase?

In the years when many companies invested in diesel, we made our investments in this direction by thinking that there is an open space on the cordless platforms. Afterwards, the number of companies making instant investments increased. Our cordless investments reached saturation. Therefore, we have accelerated the purchase of diesel machinery in order to meet the new needs of the country in the new season in order to close our deficiencies in the diesel field.

Diesel scissor and boom entered to evolve large diesel articulated boom conditions in Turkey and we believe its construction in these machines will begin to find more space. In the coming period, there will be 2-3 diesel boom and diesel scissor platforms in a 1000 sqm construction site. In our industry, where battery powered scissor lifts are used extensively, longer boom machines have become more and more prominent. We are facing the demands of diesel machinery, which we cannot even hire from outside. Om There will be 2-3 diesel booms and diesel scissor lifts even at a construction site of 1000 square meters “

How long do you give life to bulk diesel equipment?

In our fleet, we are trying to set up our machinery park by keeping our age young and not exceeding 3.5-4. However, large machines with diesel booms can last longer. Life as 15 years we can say. Older machines than new ones.