Bilgehan Güner, Deputy Director of Fatih Vinc, says that working in the 3rd Airport project creates a serious know-how for them. Güner said or Such big projects increase our experience and make it easier for us to open abroad Gün.

Fatih Vinc, one of the important companies of our country, serves with more than 200 machines at the 3rd Airport. We evaluated the issue with Bilgehan Güner, Deputy Director of Fatih Vinc.

We have more than 200 machines

Can you tell us about your work at the airport?
Fatih Vinc, a company that has in all regions of Turkey. 3. The airport is currently the largest active construction site in the world. 85 percent of the completed project. We have been active since 2015 at the 3rd Airport. 3. We are the first platform of the airport. We are one of the companies that have entered the field as a platform of Doğuş Prefabrik while buying the goods. We still have over 200 machines working at the airport. We have been working actively for 3 years. According to the information we received from IGA, the machines in the project like September-October will start to return. So we’re there for about three months.


Not every company can enter the airport. Companies that touch slim and often touches? When the airport was a huge project, they preferred certain companies. IGA is our consortium company. At the moment we have always heard positive things about returns after the rental. We have provided quick returns as much as we can, we have given new machines and used our various specific machines. Scissor, boom, telehander, etc. we have not received any negative feedback in this sense. This is because we have a quick solution with Liftser in our sub-group. We currently have 8 different machine brands. We’re not just bound to a brand. In this sense, IGA is very sensitive. For the last 1.5 years, we have four technical teams. We have a vehicle about the spare parts, and a vehicle related to the bring-and-bring. We are still working on spare parts and technical service.GREAT PROJECTS EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE

What kind of acceleration did the airport bring to the sector?
It gave the sector a big boost. 3. If we speak for all the companies of the airport, a large machine park of the rental sector works here. The companies that made the sales also moved faster in this sector and brought new products. New firms entered the sector. 3. The airport has given the sector a 10-year acceleration. In the coming period, the thermal power plant in Mersin Akkuyu, the Kanal Istanbul Project and the Çanakkale Bridge will bring a certain mobility to our sector. It will accelerate our sector.


What will you say about occupational safety?

There is still a lack of sectoral safety in work safety, but its occupational safety has also accelerated both economically and economically. In the coming years, much more strict labor safety rules will come. I think that’s what it’s supposed to be. Because we do things that are directly related to human life. More effective in Marmara and Aegean. There will be serious investments in Central Anatolia and Southeast. Machine usage rate increased here. For us, this is all experience. We have serious overseas projects. 3. The airport was set up with a peer-to-peer approach, transforming its know-how into transport abroad. Because he encouraged the industry. He changed our perspective. Thanks to these projects, we cut our eyes on projects in Azerbaijan and Azerbaayan.


How has the airport affected domestic production? The airport also supported domestic production. We have also created a course of 100 machines in terms of domestic production. Such mega projects provide serious added value to our country. Thanks to such projects, the opportunity to open abroad was also provided. Many companies were opened abroad. We see that the project has grown too soon, the progress of the project has been satisfied with a value for us. Thanks to this project, we also focused on training with our employees. This project has also increased our training quality.

Can we get your opinion on technology?

Informatics, technology age. We can’t stay away from cognition. As Fatih Vinc, we are investing in an incredible amount of technology. Companies that do not follow the technology will not find a place in this sector. Our country is a developing and growing country. There are serious projects and developments. It doesn’t end with the machine. You need to empower yourself in all areas such as infrastructure, branching, staff, education level. The biggest handicap of the platform sector is the ones who built this work. There is also a certain perception of the crane. Employers need to adopt a more institutional structure in this sense. The platform sector is directly linked to the human. We, this sector to avoid slurping; We think that it shouldn’t be just trade-centric. Not only in Turkey, our firm name board to secure a place in Europe

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