Kenan AYDIN: We cannot lose time to the customer, it is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction!

Fatih Vinc Inc. Kenan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors, states that time is the biggest cash and emphasizes that the best solution to time loss is branching.

Fatih Vinc Inc. With Kenan Aydın, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, we have discussed the sector and what needs to be done in this fragile economic situation.

Can you evaluate our 2018 readers?

Fatih Vinc, 2010 in the platform was completely directed. We entered in 2018 with our investments in April. These investments are currently showing how accurate we are in this difficult process. 2018, Turkey’s self-gratification, passing the mishap could have called a crisis. The sector is now stable. We think that the sector will recover even more in 2019.

Turkey, an emerging economy. We are also leading in the industry; For the last 10 years, our company ranked 67th in terms of our investments for the last 10 years. This is a great benefit not only for our company but for our country. Not only in Turkey, there is an economic slowdown around the world. This inevitably affects the platform sector.


How will the world-wide publication, announcing your entry into this rankings, create an impetus for Fatih Vinc?

Our place in this ranking will affect our work positively. These publications around the world will cause more acceleration in our overseas expansions. With these news, our country’s name will be heard and advertised.


Could you tell us what you think about branching?

We were aware of the importance of branching. Some companies, such as everything can be managed in a centralized manner, they say that a branch is a cost. We have made a principle to serve you with a branch service rather than a remote service in order to provide timely service and good service. We see that in this conjuncture we live now, time is more precious than paar.


The customer no longer has the time to waste time. Money is equal to the time you can not waste time to the customer. Timely intervention is the most important intervention. In 2018, we started our İstanbul-Başkaşehir branch. After that we will accelerate these studies. In 2019 we will open at least two branches.


What do you want to say to our local producers in terms of software and R & D?

Companies entering domestic production should not enter with small targets. You can start small, but your target should be big. There are certain standards in the machines we use in the world. In this context, domestic production should exceed these standards. We cannot hurt ourselves by saying that we will support domestic production. You have to have a competitive market. There’s a certain level. There are companies that catch this level in domestic production. The levels are very above. Domestic production must be worldwide. With engineering, software and R & D, surplus production has to exceed the standard standards. Because new systems are being developed every day in the world. It’s not just the machine that makes it work. We have very important companies that have facial current in domestic production. Other domestic manufacturers have to take this model to our domestic manufacturers. In this context, we support our local companies and make domestic products. We had made a purchase in this sense with ELS Makina in April.

Can you get your thoughts on the service export?

Turkey, is undertaking major projects in neighboring countries. Our government is always on our side for this and other issues. It will be an honor for us to represent the Turkish flag in foreign countries. Our state has very serious incentives for manufacturing. Thanks to the support given to the production, both the employment and the wheels in production are turning.


Can you evaluate the sector in general?

Since the sector grew very fast and serial, people in this process have grown without preparing the infrastructure. You build one, two buildings without infrastructure. But when it is 10-15 buildings, the infrastructure of this should be thoroughly studied. I need a technical infrastructure. In our current system, we have a system to handle two thousand 500-3,000 machines. Now the period of speed, information and speed entered. The machines have warranty periods. Following the expiry of the warranty period, the tracking of the machines will be difficult. If you do not have enough staff, adequate investment, you cannot please your customers. The subject here is coming to merit. Just as in every job, our job is merit. In our country, the period of merit started. In this process, companies that emphasize the merit in their work will become engaged. There will be those who do their job properly, the rest will be withdrawn from the market. Previous products were very cheap. But now the situation has changed a lot. For 10 years, devle

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